What is PiO?

PiO is a system comprised of the interactive device PiO One for kids, an App PiO Home APP for parents, and a cloud platform PiO Cloud for sharing.

PiO One is an interactive device, by which parents and kids  can swipe and scan to play, stop, and  record audio clips with PiO smart cards or any object with PiO smart label or sticker. The device is also compatible with some contactless cards or tags with IEC/ISO 14443A protocol.

PiO Home APP is an application  for you to create and make audible toys or books with. You can also manage and change the audio content linked with the smart cards and labels or stickers on toys or books.  The audio products are synchronized and could be organized in the cloud communities created by parents and anyone who would like to share audio content to public or private groups.

The system is great for kids as they can  lessen screen time and enjoy fun audio recordings. Any model figures, toy blocks, books, or objects could be used as a medium to play an audio recording as long as there is an NFC tag with it. The audio recording could be played online as well as offline.