PiO Audio Sharing Platform

Kids' Best Audio Playing & Listening Experience

PiO One audio player has a simple interface that kids can scan the Cards or Stickers to play and record audio. They can add sounds to toys, blocks, or books, which makes PiO One a great companion for parent-child book reading and play. PiO One is portable with a built-in lithium polymer battery and can be used online and offline. Kids can carry it with them everywhere, all the time. 

PiO One can not only play the audio with PiO Audible Card or Sticker, but also is compatible with NFC enabled toy, cards, commute card, membership card, and so on. Kids can enjoy and listen to the variety of audio by scanning Cards. 

Moreover, your young listeners, kids, don't need to listen to the audio on Apps or CDs anymore. Parents can relax and get access to a wide variety of the audio.

Parents' Audio Storage & Organizing Soloution

PiO Home App, a one-stop solution for parents to store and manage their audio. In the mean time, parents can easily link thier kids' favorite audio to update their playlists, and take part in all kinds of online activities. 

PiO Cloud Platform - Your One-Stop Management

PiO Audio Sharing Platform is a cloud platform based on IoT technology that all PiO users can upload and manage their shared audio.

On the platform, you can create an audio Club, upload and manage audio, and invite and manage Club members. You can manage all the uploaded audio from one location, and interact with the Club's members directly. 

PiO Cloud Platform provides audio storage and management tools so that you don't need to spend money on building an App or an audio download system.  

PiO can customize branded Audible Cards or Audible Stickers for your publications. It can be used as your monthly journal's Audible Card, the magazine's Audible Card, the picture book's Audible Sticker, the book's Audible Card, the audible figurines, and audible blocks, etc. Official Card and Official Sticker's audio content can be updated and managed from the cloud platform. Parents can link the audio on the App anytime, anywhere, and kids can enjoy your works immediately. 

Intuitive Platform

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PiO Audio Sharing Platform

Get Closer to Young Listeners

Create your audio Clubs and upload the audio on PiO Home App or PiO Home PC. Then, parents can play the audio on the App, and create playlists to link your audio to their Audible Cards or Audible Stickers. 

Publish Branded Cards

You can issue the Branded Cards separately, or publish them with your publications. Preset the Branded Cards playlists, users then can scan to play the Card on PiO One without creating a playlist and linking audio. The Card is also editable and can be reset to original settings with one tap. 

Add Sound to Publications

Put Audible Stickers on your books, periodicals, learning materials, or picture books, to make them audible immediately.

PiO Audio Sharing Platform

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