Our Story

It all started in January 2018, from a daddy's talk at a café between Robert and Roy, brothers and full-time daddies. They were sharing their daily lives with their 3-to-5-year-old kids, Isabella, Jo Jo, and Pa Pa, and chatting about what they played, where they traveled to, etc. They sometimes complained about how annoying it could get just watching over the kids all day long, looking for good CDs and toys for them, or turning on TV where appropriate.

One day, Roy mentioned he had been looking for fun and educational toys for Jo Jo with special educational needs but to no avail. Most of the toys he could find were too dull to keep his kids interested for long. Therefore, he decided to craft a tech gadget himself that made toys audible. With the device, kids can listen to the roar of a dinosaur toy and learn its scientific name and stories, or play toy blocks that sound out each alphabet and given vocabulary. Kids can even hear their own voice "from the toy" as well.

Robert found the gadget interesting and useful for relieving parents from stress in the meantime. He asked Roy to install one set for Isabella. She was so excited when the dinosaur toy figure roared. What followed worked wonders with the girl when she heard the toy uttering "Pterodactyl" and Jo Jo's voice saying "I am the greatest Pterodactyl!"

They started thinking maybe they should build a platform for parents and kids. If an easy-to-use sharing platform and a kid-friendly device could be developed, then more kids can grow up in fun with abundant resources. Stressed parents can also relax and not worry about kids having too much screen time or watching any inappropriate content.

Starting from May 2018, Robert and Roy developed, iterated, and tested PiO to ensure the APP framework and the audio player design& were optimized and fully functional. In March 2019, the first prototype was officially introduced. Along the way, families and friends & of the team kindly supported each test over and over again. In Winter 2019, we felt blessed to announce that PiO One and PiO Home App were ready for production.

In the snowfall of March 2018,Robert and his friend Wen traveled in Montreal, where they discussed further about the idea and what would make a perfect toy for kids. From resource sharing and kid-friendly design perspectives, they conceptualized a Platform, one that could be Interactive and allow families to build their o wn toys. "PiO" was thus born. PiO also sounds like 皮喔(PI-O) in Mandarin, meaning mischievous, something Robert and Roy often said to their kids. Joyce, a talented children's book illustrator, designed the logo afterwards, in which the "i" of PiO refers to "interactive" and the "Internet" of Things. Materialized, the device represents an underlying value that all parents share, that is, bringing to kids a whole wide world of auditory possibilities.

Now PiO is here for all parents to offer our kids an enriched and fun ride in their play time as they grow up healthy and sound.

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey with us, and hope you'll enjoy our products. If you have any question, feedback, or just want to say hi, please feel free to drop us a line on wecare@piohome.com

Best Regards,

PiO Team