Meet PiO

The Best Screen-Free Smart Audio Player for Kids and Family

Screen-Free Listening

Amplifying audio content in an appealing, no fuss screen-free device helps parents to cut down on kids' screen time and enjoy more quality moments with them.

Infuse Fun in Learning

Auditory entertainment taking the form of games helps cultivate children's hearing and cognitive skills, allowing them to explore the joy of learning.

Kid-Friendly Device

PiO One has a simple interface that prompts children to intuitively explore and play. By using contactless cards, stickers, or tags, kids can easily scan and play the audio clips to their liking.


When I was in kindergarten, I used PiO to listen to stories and songs that I liked. Now I am in first grade, I use PiO to review English every day, and I also recorded my own stories. I took her with me when I went abroad with my parents.


"I am the best pterodactyl." Want to hear me roar the sound of a dinosaur? Come to my Club!

Jo Jo

I need to review English every day, but it ’s a big problem to move the CD player around. My mother makes the audio card for me on a weekly basis. I take PiO to listen in the living room, study room, and before going to bed..